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"Birthday Special" Customized Luncheon Napkins

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$5.99 - $29.95






 Birthday Special

For the Birthday Special the napkin will be printed in Diana Font Only!

It will read as Follows:

Happy (age) Birthday


For example:  If the person is turning 12 and his name is Thomas.  Please put the numeral age of the person in the text bar that says "Insert Age Here".  Please put the name of the person in the text bar below it that says "Insert Name Here".  If done correctly as the instructions indicated.


Happy 12th Birthday



If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]


20 Letters / Spaces Only, One Line Only.  If you exceed restricted amount of characters we will call you to resolve the issue and arrange for it to be printed within guidelines.

Napkins will be printed exactly as indicated in the "Custom Message" box.  Capitol letters will be printed as typed in the box.  If the box field is all caps or all lowercase the napkins will be printed exactly as typed.  Please be sure you type in the correct spelling of the words you would like printed.  Any typographical errors will be the responsibility of the customer, so please be sure everything is correctly spelled before submitting the order.  All fonts have restrictions to the amount of characters that can be printed.  Spaces are included in the amount of characters restricted.  Please indicate the correct napkin color and ink color and review it and the spelling before the order is completed. 

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